Inspirational drawing : the Origin  
  Inspirational drawing : the Machine  
  Cellular bottle protected within an environment-friendly shell.  
  10 meters long algae built for the scenography  
  Four primitive machines, developed for the project  
  Toward an industrial process...  
  Specimens of bottle-shaped cells  
  Orange juice in a cellular bottle.  

  Video © Flavien Berger & Laurent Milon, 2010 
  Cellular Design / Design Cellulaire
© Laurent Milon, teamed up with Charlie Zehnlé, Flavien Berger and Baptiste Viala, for François Azambourg, 2010

This project of edible bottle made with a biological process was led by François Azambourg for Le Laboratoire, Paris.
Currently being exhibited. Results are bottles who were produced biologically rather than industrially. No loss, biodegradable, and plastic free. For now, there are two shells who reciprocally protect each other :
The hard shell protects the fragile skin filled with liquid from chocs, while the fragile skin protects the hard shell (which is biodegradable) from the liquid, which otherwise would degrade it.