1:1 scale paper-made Lightscape  
  Polystyren balls & phosphorescent pigments  
  Lightscape's tank is filled with phosphorescent polystyren balls  
  Detail of the propeller in which poylstyren balls are loaded  
  A) Air-blower, B) UV light bulb, C) Propeller, D) Polystyren balls  
  3D rendered Lightscape  
  3D rendered Lightscape  
  Lightscape can be used as a luminous guide for many kilometers  

  Video © Laurent Milon + Julien Groboz, Ensci 2007 
© Laurent Milon + Julien Groboz, Koizumi competition 2007
Julien and I wanted to find a way to transport the light emitted by a single source, so as to reduce energy costs.
Lightscape is a device emitting a very soft luminous link between light and darkness.
With only one light bulb, Lightscape's phosphorescent balls can run through many kilometers. Lightscape could be use as a luminous guide to mark out landscape for instance, or for scenography purpose...