Soup tableware for Pyrex  
  From left to right : cap/plate, soup tureen, bowl  
  I first built a non transparent prototype  
  This plate receives common side food (bread, vegetables, cheese, sauce...), and is a cap too  
  Bowl : 0,3 L  
  Soup tureen : 1,8 L  
  Soup tureen is capped : you can put it in the fridge, or in the microwave  
  Soup tureen is half-capped : a small open space allow you to let the spoon inside, while keeping the soup warm on the table 
  "Souprême" glassware
© Laurent Milon, Ensci 2006
In compliance with Pyrex glassblowing process, Soupreme is a tableware set dedicated to the soup. It is composed of a tureen, a cap/plate, and a bowl.
Because glass becomes quickly very hot, a 360° handle is located on the top of both bowl and tureen, hence above the warmth.