Pour boiling water insidea cup, then cap it with Thejine  
  Thejine is like a chimney. It concentrates water steam, which makes tea melt  
  Tea is located in the center of the biscuit. Boiling water generates steam, which makes tea melt, and fall into water  
  Thejine is a dry biscuit, baked with indian spices. Steam softens this biscuit, and makes it splitable  
  "Thejine" spiced tea-biscuit for Lipton
© Laurent Milon, Ensci 2006
Lipton wanted to approach new way of consuming tea in 25 years : Thejine is a biscuit to be used as a chimney after pouring hot water in a cup :
Steam makes tea fall into the water, while the dry biscuit becomes soft again. Biscuit's spices are chosen according to the flavour of the tea...